Hey There Zero

We got a puppy!

His name is Zero and he’s a pure bread Australian shepherd.
Our little sheep dog.
At the time of this post he is 17 weeks old (So like a 10 year old in dog time)

He is absolutely the worst idea we could have ever had. (Eh, maybe)

He has us up at 7 am every day.
Us being childless, this is an unusual time to wake from slumber. We only get up at that time for traveling or *sometimes* work purposes. Meaning it doesn’t happen often. (We’ve been alternating who gets up with him and one of us falls back to sleep on the sofa and the other gets the whole bed to themselves.)

I’m full of scrapes and scratches and bruises from being attacked by a crazy little monster at all waking hours (I bruise easily).

My clothes are full of holes.
I’ve had to bring out all the bummy clothing lately so my nice stuff doesn’t get destroyed (RIP Nike sweatpants).

The cat is very unhappy.
She looks so sad and lonely now that all of the free time is devoted to the dog. I miss her and she misses me too. (We still cuddle at night though)

Like taking him to the dog park. Taking him to get his shots. Taking him to pick out new toys at Target (Because if i’m going there anyway, might as well bring him along)

I will never pee alone again. I’ll also never shower alone. He’s decided that while i’m showering the perfect place to sit is IN THE SHOWER WITH ME. (Stop laughing, this is not funny)

10/10 would not recommend a puppy for people who like their quiet, boring, dogless lives. (Sorry Mimi, you have a brother now)

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