Cotton Candy Dreams

The closer we get to October, the more anxious I get.

Not only are we going to Japan, but I’m also finally leaving the bar. The plan is to go on our vacation and not go back to work after. No we’re not pregnant, its just time to move on.

I had no idea in the beginning of this year that this is where I would be by the end of it. Things didn’t exactly work out like they were planned; but thats life right? The plan was to have 6 months of bills saved before quitting just so we could have some cushion. Thats not how is going to work out unfortunately. My current work situation is stressful and making me unproductive on the real estate side. One has to give and nowhere in the plan is to be a bartender forever. Thats not the life to live to start a family and have a happy marriage.

So I’m taking the leap

I’m jumping and hoping to fly

There are a few side things I’m going to do to supplement my income while I’m waiting for deals to come through. I’m going to have time to be creative and take care of the inner Cookie thats been suppressed the last 10 years. Its going to be so scary but so exciting at the same time.

I’m so ready.

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