Holy moly we’re going to Japan!

With the wedding rapidly approaching I keep getting asked what we want as gifts.

We’ve already been “living in sin” since practically the beginning of our relationship so we don’t need the typical house wares and home supplies.

For our honeymoon we’ll be spending two weeks in Japan! This is where we want your gifts to go! We want to have the best trip we can possibly have and any monetary amount would be helping our dream along.

Heres the breakdown to see where your money would be going:

We’re basically trying to make it on $200 a day. This includes food (not drinks), daily souvenirs, and entrance fees for shrines. We’ll be eating at ramen shops, 7/11, and having lots of street food. We want to have at least one nice dinner and do some bar hopping so we’re trying to keep those activities under $600 total for the whole trip.

If you wanted to fund a whole day without and extra activities listed below, it would be about $300

Disney Sea tickets: $150
Souvenirs: $300 >
Park food: $200 <

Universal Studios Japan tickets: $150
Souvenirs: $100 <
Park food: $200 <

Sake brewery tour: $150
Sumo practice tour: $150

TeamLab Museum: $65
Studio Ghibli Museum: $20
Cup of noodles museum: $50
Total souvenirs from museums: $200 <

This trip is really going to change things. We are so excited and cant wait to experience a new culture. Edward aka Mr. Picky Eater has even been trying to enjoy ramen and sushi so he doesn’t starve while away from home.

**Edit** If you wanted to send us anything electronically it would be on cash app to $Cookiss and PayPal at PayPal.me/AndreaDelgado13

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