S’more or less

How many of you have ever eaten a s’more?

I’ve made some bootlegged over a BBQ grill melted marshmallows but I don’t reaaaally think that counts. Hey, I used to toast marshmallows over a lighter when I was little because I wanted some gooey deliciousness. Whatever gets you there is a-ok.

Funny thing is, as an adult I don’t like them as much. I do enjoy vegan ones occasionally on a sweet potato, but to smoosh it with some chocolate on a cracker isn’t really my every day excitement. Especially because I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. Anyway, lets move on from me being a chocolate hating marshmallow snob to the important things.

How to build a s’more

Step 1
Gather your ingredients and arrange on a plate in a way appealing to the eye

Step 2
Without setting your cabin in the woods on fire, ignite a small flame in your fireplace

Step 3
Toast your fully marshmallows until you can no longer tell what they were to begin with

Step 4
In no particular order combine marshmallows, chocolate of your choosing, and graham cracker into a layered sandwich

Step 5


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